sequoiafoundationOur work at the Sequoia Foundation offers programs to expand the knowledge, vision and  capacity and confidence of people of all ages, helping to offer them a future filled with opportunities.  The best way to do this, we have decided from the outset, is to offer programs from reading to music, from language to dance.

To do this, we offer a broad range of experiences to  audiences that seldom have access to the many forms of arts and education  We have linked our efforts to many internationally acclaimed organizations and their programs, while at the same time reach many local organizations, by providing funds to aid in their growth and development.

In the area of Education, we have invested heavily through teacher training, technology and close alliances with international corporations, government agencies, non-profit organizations that bring culture in various forms into the classroom.  Our projects have touched individual schools, various communities along with thousands of students and teachers.  We have enlisted the cooperation of ESl teachers from around the world and have been presented with opportunities to expand our programs into more and more regions.

Our English literacy programs support early education,as well as advanced skills in the training of English teachers through our ELL ( English Language Learners program),  while our own EnglishWorks program  is enabling thousands of people in every socioeconomic level and age to learn English.

We began as a United States focused organization in 1994, but since 2006 we have expanded in a major way with programs created in Brazil. The ELL and EnglishWorks programs have brought an opportunity to  thousands of children and adults in low income areas to learn English.In Brazil we partner with Secretaria de Ciência e Tecnologia do Rio de Janeiro, Casa Thomas Jefferson in Brasilia, Prefeitura da cidade de Piraí e Prefeitura da cidade de Rio das Flores.