In Brazil, our work is done by our Brazilian sister company, Associação Sequoia Foundation. We create and support projects that are in line with our mission to develop and implement innovative educational projects giving participants opportunities to be successful and promote change in their communities.

ELL (English Language Learners) program and  EnglishWorks.

The backbone of our ELL program is high level teacher training and the tools necessary to be successful in the classroom. We have provided teacher exchange programs between the U.S. and Brazil. These exchanges help teachers learn what happens in classrooms outside of their own county.

We provide educational professional development specialists to work with teachers in the cities where work. We have also established an online community of teachers and professionals so they can enhance their teaching skills.

EnglishWorks provides an opportunity for young adults and adults living in low income communities to learn English in a new way, using technology and connecting students with native English speakers. This promotes learning and cultural exchange. Classes take place at Naves and Praças do Conhecimento in Rio de Janeiro. EnglishWorks is the result of a partnership between the Sequoia Foundation and The Secretary of Science and Technology of Rio de Janeiro.

We also support a project developed by CMDC which gives young girls and boys from low income backgrounds a chance to learn dance for free.

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